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Black Gold Filled Mystic Topaz CZ Kaleidoscope Ring



Vintage art deco black gold filled ring features: a large 6.8 ct round mystic topaz cz center stone offset by filigree and flower detailing. A kaleidoscope of colors, this fiery rainbow statement piece would make a beautiful promise ring, gift, non-traditional diamond alternative engagement ring or fashion accessory.  

-100% Eco-Friendly, conflict-free 

-10ct Black Gold Filled 

-AAA Rated Mystic Topaz Zirconia Gemstones 

-Sizes: 6,7, & 8

-FREE Gift Box 

-Individually packaged ready for gifting!


Each piece is handcrafted and individually inspected for quality. All items are packaged and shipped within one business day!  If you have any questions, feel free to inquire.





Setting: 10kt Black Gold Filled

Weight: 4.4g *(varies by size)

Finger Size: 5, 6, 7 & 8


CENTER STONE: AAA Rated Mystic Topaz Cubic Zirconia

Carat Weight: 6.8ct

Cut: Round


Total Carat: 6.8ct







Gold-filled pieces are considered lifetime products. The term gold-filled is often confused with gold-plated. However, both the construction and gold content are significantly different. During production, layers of solid gold are applied to a base metal through heat - applying a thick sheet of gold. In order for an item to qualify as gold-filled, it must meet certain legal standards. Gold-filled jewelry contains almost 100 times more gold than plated items. Consequently, gold-filled items are far more valuable. They also do not tarnish, fade, or flake off like plated items. Because of this, gold-filled jewelry is a quality cost effective alternative to solid gold.




Black color comes from a plating process using rhodium to color gold black. This process is also used in white gold to help maintain color. Because the color occurs from a plating process, the black color can wear off in time. To prevent this, avoid wearing in pools or while cleaning with abrasives or chemicals. 


Rhodium can easily be retouched or re-plated in the future. Because of the popularity of white gold, most professional jewelers offer this service. Re-plating rhodium rings does not take long and is inexpensive. 




BUGET FRIENDLY alternatives to natural diamonds, Cubic Zirconia are lab-created diamond simulants. Natural diamonds have become controversial because they usually represent violence, environmental destruction, abuse, and inhumane practices. CZs are 100% responsibly sourced, eco-friendly, conflict-free diamond alternatives. Harder than most natural gemstones, CZs are also perfect in cut, color and clarity. They sparkle with MORE fire than diamonds. 


If you want the look of a perfect flawless diamond, without the price tag, humanitarian concerns, or environmental damage, Cubic zirconia are PERFECT for you!

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