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Aromatherapy Lava Rock Spartan Bracelet


Unisex Spartan helmet natural lava rock spiritual bracelet. Made with a durable elastic jewelry cord so one size fits most. Stretch bracelets are perfect for stacking! Includes an eco-friendly natural burlap carrying bag. Shipped same day and ships worldwide!


Choice of silver or gold plated Spartan warrior helmet charm and spacers.

Bead size: 8mm beads  


Lava beads have an organic texture with dimples, tiny holes, and bubbles. Some metaphysical benefits of lava beads can include: Raising energy levels, raises energy levels, mental strength, stability, and widely consider to be a fertility stone for women. Essential oils can be added to lava beads for additional healing properties. 


Spiritual bracelets or Malas  are typically used for meditative purposes. No matter how you use them, spiritual bracelets are tools to enhance focus or prayer. So whether you are using them to control breathing, reduce stress, or for deep concentration and mediation, may these beads bring order and relaxation into your life.   


The Spartans were a Greek warrior civilization that prized loyalty, self-discipline, strength, and bravery. Respected in all of Greece for their military prowess, they were best known for their historic stand against the insatiable Persian army in the battle of Thermopylae. However, Spartans were more than just great soldiers. A progressive society, Sparta pioneered women’s rights and equality in the ancient world. With this in mind we have designed an inspirational bracelets for people who, like the Spartans, strive daily to progress towards their goals. May this warrior charm inspire you to go the extra mile and achieve your dreams!

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